115 Highland St
South Easton, MA 02375
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The center offers four programs: Infant, Toddler, Toddler Plus and Pre-School providing services for children ages 3 months through Kindergarten entry.

Children of all ages are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of experiences from which to grow. It is our belief that such experiences must be provided in asupportive and nurturing environment, be child oriented, and allow children freedom of choice whenever possible.

Located on Easton/Mansfield line on route 106, the center offers homely environment equipped with bright, spacious playrooms, dining area, nap room and outdoor playground.




Stepping Stones family daycare provides,

Both before and after school care,

Before and After School Care for children of ages 0 monthsto 12 years.

Our experienced staff act as efficient and caring nannies by providing the children with proper baths and meals and in preparing them for school up to seeing them safely get up on the school bus.

Being trained staff, they are most capable of guiding the children in their homework and providing them with extra tuition when necessary.As a good friend, they lend an attentive ear to the problems faced by the children in school.They also share in the children's joy and achievements in school.

Daycare and Preschool,

Daycare & Preschool assists in helping children to acquire a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for school success. We believe an effective preschool environment is a place where children feel well cared for and safe. Our preschool is a place where children are valued as individuals and where their need for attention, approval, and affection are supported. In this environment, children can discover the world that surrounds them and develop the capacity to connect with others.

Our curriculum has two goals,

To help children learn about themselves and the world around them
To encourage children to feel good about themselves and capable as learners

The Preschool classroom has been arranged to make it a safe place for children to explore and to learn. Children's toys and materials are placed on low shelves and in low, easy-to-open drawers. This makes it easy for children to select the items that they enjoy. It also helps them learn how to make choices and be independent. All children have a place to keep their personal belongings such as coats, blankets, and school work to bring home. This lets them know they are a valued part of our classroom community.

When you visit, you will notice that we have a schedule that we follow. This lets the children know what comes when. It also helps them feel secure when they know that every day the teacher will read to them before naptime or that after snack we go outside. The schedule also allows for the times when we all do things together, such as Circle Time and Story Time, and times when the children are doing things on their own, such as coloring or writing and playing in the Learning Centers.


We offers a quality night care too. Our Program is generally for parent's who work at night.This includes the following activities for your child: dinner, snacks, movies, games, and lots of fun!

Drop in care,

Drop-in care centers provide convenience and fun to the kids.

Drop in Care for children of ages 0 monthsto 12 years.

Pros/cons of drop-in care,

Many parents are more comfortable with using drop-in care than they are with employing teenage babysitters or someone who is not a member of the family.

Others like the interaction kids will get with other children of similar age, structured activities, and the convenience of having a meal served.

For those who employ sitters of driving age, however, that could be a consideration. Many families do like knowing that the kids won't be going wild in the home, eating chips on the couch, and watching TV all night, and that instead they will play outside or create an art project. The security of always knowing the center is available brings parents the greatest peace of mind.

If your area has a drop-in care center you are considering, child care experts recommend that parents introduce a child to the facility with a brief initial visit.

Don't wait until a last-minute need and then attempt to register, complete all forms, and push your kids into a new place. Chances are, after the first time, youngsters and parents alike will be eager for a return visit.